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Software Development and Integration

Excel, which enjoys great popularity in the financial world, is also frequently used for budgeting, planning and forecasting. Despite Excel’s shortcomings as a data management program, it can be a useful option in many cases and is easy and quick to use.

However, distributed, inconsistent and unstructured data is very difficult to consolidate and use for data intelligence purposes. For this reason, more and more companies are replacing Excel with dedicated budget, planning and forcasting (BP&F) solutions that transform data into insights about the business and enable analytics such as reporting.

What We Do


Our experts design a robust and scalable software architecture tailored to your individual requirements. Through careful planning, we ensure that your software is maintainable, extensible, and powerful in the long term.


To guarantee the absence of bugs and enhance reliability, we conduct thorough testing on your software. Ranging from unit testing to integration testing and user acceptance testing, we ensure that your software adheres to the most stringent quality benchmarks.


1stQuad supports you in the smooth introduction of your new software solution into your company. From installation and configuration to data migration and user training, we are here to assist you.


Our support team is at your disposal to help you with any inquiries, problems, or maintenance needs. We offer swift and dependable support to ensure the seamless operation of your software and its alignment with your business requirements.



We analyze your requirements and develop a customized solution. In doing so, we help you transform your vision into concrete technical requirements and lay the foundation for successful software development.




Our experienced development team turns the designed software solution into reality. Using agile development methods and modern technologies, we develop high-quality software that meets your specific requirements.




Our experts take care of the seamless integration of your software into existing systems and infrastructures. We make sure your software communicates smoothly with other applications and data sources to ensure efficient workflows and maximum productivity.




We oversee the ongoing monitoring, updates, and maintenance of your software to guarantee optimal performance, security, and stability. Additionally, we are available for troubleshooting, customization, and upgrades.


Featured Projects

Technology Expertise

Azure Cloud Platform

Utilizing the Azure Cloud Platform, we create scalable applications designed to effortlessly accommodate growing user requirements. Azure empowers your application to adeptly manage substantial data volumes and execute advanced analytics. Our services encompass: 


  • Migrating legacy systems to the cloud

  • Enabling predictive analytics and intelligent automation

  • Conducting extensive big data analytics and advanced reporting

  • Seamlessly integrating IoT solutions into products or services

Are you contemplating the replacement of current applications that have evolved over time? Discover the advantages of modernizing custom applications with Microsoft's cloud technologies instead of resorting to off-the-shelf solutions.

Microsoft Teams & SharePoint

Utilizing MS Teams & SharePoint, we engineer tailored solutions fostering improved communication, resource management, and scheduling within teams. Through these solutions, your staff gains access to current data regardless of their location, be it the office or while traveling. Our proficiency encompasses:

  • Crafting custom solutions for communication and collaboration

  • Seamlessly integrating MS Teams into existing workflows

  • Implementing secure data transmission and centralized information management

  • Embedding real-time communication tools and video conferencing capabilities

  • Designing user-friendly dashboards

Thinking about using Teams as an application hub? Take a look at how your business can benefit from it.

Microsoft Power Platform

We leverage the Microsoft Power Platform to craft business applications that minimize the need for extensive coding. This approach significantly shortens development timelines and aids our clients in swiftly deploying their solutions. Our offerings encompass:

  • Crafting tailor-made Power Apps

  • Automating workflows

  • Integrating and managing data

  • Implementing artificial intelligence and chatbots

  • Ensuring security and access control

Gain further insight into how 1stQuad can assist you in implementing applications using the Microsoft Power Platform.

Need help with your project?

Our team of experts is here to support you!

Why 1stQuad?

Our Solution Architects offer comprehensive support and address all issues directly on-site. They devise personalized solutions, bridge the gap between business and IT, and guarantee the success of projects along with utmost customer satisfaction.

Highly Qualified On-Site Solution Architects

Hailing from Eastern European countries, our nearshoring team comprises skilled developers and software development experts. Leveraging reverse outsourcing and local expertise, we deliver tailored solutions, optimize costs, and uphold stringent quality standards.

Nearshoring Team 

By utilizing our established processes and components, we enhance code quality and reusability, streamline development costs, and expedite time-to-market. Our extensive experience facilitates efficient and dependable project implementation.

Proven Processes and Components

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