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Intranet & Collaboration

The challenges to keep up in the digital age are very high for both companies and their employees. Work is no longer limited to place and time, and the impact of cultural and technological change on a daily business is not easy to manage.

Reaching out to all employees – whether on the PC or in the factory – and creating a “we” feeling is a major challenge. We offer suitable solutions that give employees exactly the information they need – accurate and up-to-date. Decentrally captured content and interactive elements involve employees at all levels and create a corporate culture. Bots with artificial intelligence help you to get the right information for your daily work faster. The success of the communication is graphically processed and thus made measurable through anonymous evaluations.

Selected references


In our long company history, we have been able to accompany numerous interesting projects – always with the customer and his needs in mind. Our customers come from the most diverse industries and regions.

You have big plans - we have the right solutions


Every intelligent workplace is different. We have been developing modern intranet and collaboration solutions for more than 10 years and provide you with comprehensive support from the idea to successful implementation and beyond. We will inspire you with this:

  • Intelligent and modern intranets for company-wide communication

  • Clever collaboration platforms beyond company borders

  • Blueprints for tailor-made security concepts

  • Blueprints for governance concepts

  • Ready-to-use consulting package for technology decisions

Leading technologies and products

With our many years of practical experience and proven experts, we ensure that we always have our finger on the pulse with the technologies and products used. We are always open to new ideas and do not commit ourselves in advance. But with the following technologies and products, no one can fool us:


Microsoft Teams has evolved to the new standard in digital collaboration. In addition to persistent group messages and video or telephone conferences, teams also bundle essential tools such as SharePoint, Outlook, Stream, and Planner into an intuitive interface for collaboration – within the company and beyond.

Microsoft Teams can also be enhanced with custom functionalities, thanks to its open software architecture. This provides the foundation for integrating your systems and directly implementing your use cases within Microsoft Teams, where your employees collaborate.

We can show you how to invite external people into your company easily and securely and how to prevent the proliferation of teams.

Benefits & use cases

  • Intuitive digital collaboration

  • Simple integration of external devices



Comprehensive accompaniment

We love our work and always want to achieve the best possible result. We consistently go the last mile to the end and think beyond. That’s why our Solution Architects accompany their clients comprehensively and where it’s needed most, building bridges between business and IT. They tackle unpleasant issues and see them through to the end.

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