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IoT Data Cockpit

Bringing intelligence into IoT

Analyze operating data in real time

A customized IoT data cockpit offers machine manufacturers numerous advantages, as it enables timely and secure access to operational data from any location.

This allows the manufacturer to increase customer satisfaction and open up new business opportunities. Dashboards provide customers with detailed information about production, enabling them to increase the efficiency of their machines.

1stQuad’s custom-developed IoT data cockpits are modern web applications that access data processed with Azure Analytics via a Microsoft Azure API. All access is protected and encrypted. All customer data is stored separately and access is granted as needed through a roles and permissions system. The dashboards are personalized and can be customized.

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Benefits for manufacturers and customers

For machines equipped with various IoT sensors, measurement data can be collected, processed and analyzed.

We show you how to make sense of the vast amounts of IoT data you collect. How to process the data efficiently and gain insights from it that enable you to make the right decisions.

How to empower your customers to make trustworthy decisions based on the data you collect.

Are you curious? If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Hofer.

  • The manufacturer strengthens and expands customer relationships, improves its service and at the same time gains new insights into the use of its machines.

  • The resulting optimizations, together with the added value of the service, bring competitive advantages and, not least, open up new areas of business.

  • Thanks to the timely and accurate data, customers can increase efficiency and quality in production, optimize workflows, and reduce production errors and waste.



Comprehensive accompaniment

We love our work and always want to achieve the best possible result. We consistently go the last mile to the end and think beyond. That’s why our Solution Architects accompany their clients comprehensively and where it’s needed most, building bridges between business and IT. They tackle unpleasant issues and see them through to the end.

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