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Data Analysis Platform for Efficient Flight Planning


Edelweiss was looking for a solution to analyze their booking data. The data originated from various channels and was recorded in different booking systems. In order to consolidate and evaluate the data, Edelweiss decided to create a customized data analysis platform.

Edelweiss Air AG

Edelweiss Air is a Swiss airline wholly owned by Swiss International Air Lines and thus part of the Lufthansa Group. It operates flights from its base at Zurich Airport to European and intercontinental destinations.


Initial Situation

Ticket sales by Edelweiss are made through different channels and are recorded differently. Edelweiss' booking systems record the sales activities of tour operators and direct sales via the website, while bookings via other airlines are recorded in the booking system of the sister company.

To analyze this data, Edelweiss sought a solution that would integrate booking data from different channels and booking systems. Initially, the airline tried to export their data to the sister company's data warehouse for further analysis. However, this approach failed due to the different business models and data structures between Edelweiss and the sister company. The generated data from Edelweiss couldn't be seamlessly integrated into the sister company's data warehouse and broken down to the required level of detail, resulting in erroneous analyses. 
As a result, Edelweiss decided to take a new approach and create a custom data analysis platform.


Solution: Custom Data Analysis Platform


1stQuad has developed a data analysis platform for Edelweiss to evaluate bookings. The solution integrates booking data from Edelweiss and their sister company and provides an overall view. The platform allows customers to analyze the data from different perspectives, called "cubes." Each cube addresses a specific topic and contains metrics and key performance indicators. These cubes allow users to view data from passenger, flight, booking, and financial perspectives. 

Thanks to the the platform, Edelweiss can now perform comprehensive analyses to examine, for example, booking validation, flight load factors, route profitability, and passenger behavior. These analytics are used for short- to medium-term flight planning, route optimization, and pricing. 


In line with the customer's Azure strategy, the platform is based on Azure Stack and seamlessly integrated with Edelweiss' existing environment. The solution uses tools such as Data Factory, Data Bricks, Data Lake, Analysis Services, Power BI, and Excel to enable efficient processing and visualization.




The solution has enabled Edelweiss to improve their data-driven decision-making processes. The data analytics platform provides the company with the ability to analyze their data from multiple perspectives and gain valuable insights. As a result, the company can now make informed business decisions based on comprehensive analytics and insights. 

In addition, with its own data analytics platform, Edelweiss has gained full control of its booking data and can access it independently without relying on the resources of its sister company. This enables faster responsiveness to market changes and internal requirements.

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