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Data Analysis Solution for a Manufacturer of Chemical Products

The customer was looking for a solution to make data-based decisions and regularly analyze specified key figures. It was important that the solution could also be used easily by employees without prior technical knowledge. In order to relieve the internal team, the solution should not be operated by them. 

1stQuad developed a custom solution based on the user-friendly, AI-supported BI platform ThoughtSpot. This platform enabled intuitive analysis and presentation of key performance indicators. The management and operation of the solution was taken over by 1stQuad, allowing the company to focus on its core business.

A Manufacturer of Specialized Materials


The client is part of a multinational group of companies and has nearly 3000 employees in over 20 countries. As a manufacturer of advanced chemical-based products, the company offers a broad portfolio of high-performance materials. This includes high-performance polymers, carbon fibers, composites, as well as semiconductor solutions for various industries.

Initial situation

The subsidiary of an international conglomerate wanted to make data-based decisions and regularly analyze predefined key performance indicators. However, it faced challenges in data analysis. The company was looking for a suitable solution that would allow intuitive analysis and presentation of metrics to non-technical employees.  


Unfortunately, standard data analytics platforms didn't meet this requirement and lacked integrations with the company's various data sources. In addition, the company's small data analytics team prevented it from adopting and operating a new technology. Therefore, it seemed difficult to achieve these goals in the foreseeable future.



As an alternative, the client decided to involve 1stQuad. Together with the client, 1stQuad implemented a user-friendly solution centered around the ThoughtSpot self-service BI platform. This solution allows the client to access, analyze, and interactively present data in a simple and intuitive way.

The solution integrates various data sources from the client, harmonizes the data, and provides a variety of visualization options, including charts, tables, and graphs, to automatically present the data in an appealing and understandable way. The solution is managed and operated by 1stQuad, including maintenance, updates, and security measures. As a result, the customer can now focus on its core business while 1stQuad takes care of the technical aspects.

In a short period of time, the customer's management was able to analyze and present the key figures required by the group in an intuitive way. In addition to the initial metrics, other use cases were successfully implemented over time:

  • Environmental performance: monitoring key figures on energy consumption, waste, and emissions in order to take optimization measures if necessary. 

  • Occupational safety: analyzing safety-related data to identify risks and improve workplace safety. 

  • Human resources: supporting the analysis of surveys and other human resources data to analyze employee feedback, identify trends, and derive measures for employee satisfaction and development. 

  • Sales analytics: providing a "single window of truth" for sales reps to analyze order entry and the sales pipeline to effectively track revenue and sales data and make informed sales decisions. 

  • Event evaluation for IT organization: analyzing IT incidents, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing reactive measures to optimize operations.




The implemented solution provides the customer with quick and easy access to the required key performance indicators. Over 200 non-technical users are continuously supported by the platform, which helps them with questions and concerns. This contributes to a more efficient way of working and enables valuable insights into the business. As a result, the customer can optimize processes, use resources more efficiently, and ultimately save costs.

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