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Social Intranet with SharePoint Online & Wizdom

The existing intranet is an integral part of the internal communication and was implemented almost 10 years ago, based on SharePoint, together with 1stQuad. Contents were centrally maintained by a few authors and there were no feedback possibilities for the employees. The telephone book and internal news were used extensively, but due to the one-to-many communication, authors had little information about the impact of individual contents on employees.

Flughafen Zürich

Flughafen Zürich AG operates the most important traffic and meeting hub in Switzerland and employs around 1,700 people in four business areas. Zurich Airport is considered the best airport. Behind this achievement are some 27,000 employees who work with over 280 airport partners every day to ensure that every stay at Zurich Airport is a positive experience for passengers and visitors.


Information exchange on the Social Intranet


Since November 2019, a modern social intranet based on SharePoint Online and the Wizdom framework has been promoting this exchange of information and enabling communication within the company across all three areas “top-down”, “bottom-up” and “peer-to-peer”. In addition to a cloud-based collaboration platform, which is fully integrated into the intranet, all users can read, link, comment on, and contribute to the news.



The news on the intranet is divided into channels that users can subscribe to individually. News from workspaces and project sites are also available on the intranet. The number of channels has been reduced compared to the previous intranet to simplify use for authors and users. In addition, the news editing process has been decentralized: the team of authors has grown significantly and news managers can enter new articles directly into the system.

Information and content


The existing intranet had grown over the years, both structurally and in terms of content, and the ability to find relevant information had suffered as a result. In the course of the new intranet, therefore, the contents were updated and reduced to the essentials and the structuring of the contents was simplified. A clear assignment of site managers and a content review process ensure that the content remains up-to-date in the future. The user is supported by a powerful search function to find people, files, and information quickly and easily.


Mobile access


The new intranet is suitable for all devices thanks to cloud architecture and responsive design. In addition to the office PC, users can now access the intranet from anywhere via notebook, tablet, and mobile phone.


Working hand-in-hand and with an agile approach


The new solution was created in 1 3/4 years and was developed by 1stQuad with an agile methodology and in very close cooperation with Zurich Airport. The implementation was done hand-in-hand with the team from Zurich Airport. In workshops all relevant persons of the Human Resources and Corporate Communication departments were involved.


More than just new functionality


Agility was not only central in the development of the software solution. Thanks to the decentralised collection of news in the specialist departments and the feedback mechanisms for all employees, Zurich Airport is achieving a new level of interaction. The social intranet of Flughafen Zürich AG creates excellent conditions for more agility in the company. A tool that supports employees in working well together and sharing knowledge.

The new Social Intranet takes us an important step forward in internal communication!

Sonja Zöchling, Head Corporate Communication

Flughafen Zürich AG

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