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SharePoint for Onboarding of External Employees

A manufacturer of industrial machinery sought a modern solution for efficiently onboarding their external staff. 1stQuad developed a user-friendly SharePoint solution for the company, streamlining and automating the entire onboarding process. 

Manufacturer of Industrial Machinery


Our client is a globally operating company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of machinery and equipment for sheet metal processing. Their product range includes laser and water jet cutting machines, bending machines, and automation systems. 

Initial Situation: Background: Looking for a Solution for Modern Onboarding

Our client relies on external employees across various departments. The hiring process involves multiple departments such as purchasing, HR, and IT, and is subject to various approval workflows. Previously, this process was supported by a solution based on older technologies and hosted locally. The company sought a more modern and efficient solution that would enable seamless and transparent collaboration among all departments involved.

Solution: Process Digitalization with SharePoint Online, Power Automate, and SharePoint Framework 

1stQuad Solutions AG has developed a new solution, digitally mapping the entire onboarding process using SharePoint Online. Additionally, Power Automate supports onboarding by automating tasks like submission of hiring requests, routing approvals, and notifying stakeholders. 


Our client had specific interface requirements that couldn't be met with SharePoint's standard tools. Hence, we utilized SharePoint Framework to develop user-friendly web parts and forms, ensuring an intuitive user experience.

Current Onboarding Process: An Overview


When external hires are necessary, employees can input requirements into a dedicated form on the SharePoint intranet and submit the request.

Process SharePoint 1.png
  • Depending on whether the person being sought, for example, requires a PC workstation, works remotely only, or also on-site, information and approvals must be obtained from various departments. Data is analyzed, and the individuals involved are determined based on responsibilities, branches, and departments. 

  • Throughout the process, responsible parties input necessary data into the visible form section, while the process status can be tracked visually. 

  • As a new task arises, the respective person is notified via email and directly guided to the application and the correct process step via a link, where information can be entered and approvals granted. 

  • Finally, the approval process is reviewed, authorized, and digitally stored in the system, including the history data.

Process SharePoint 2.png

Benefits at a Glance

  1. Transparency: Our solution ensures accessibility for all stakeholders via the intranet, with processes centrally managed and visible to everyone.

  2. Data security: By leveraging SharePoint, we centralize data storage and automate the application of existing data security policies. 

  3. User-friendliness: Our solution offers intuitive operation, requiring minimal training thanks to the use of SharePoint frameworks.

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