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Process-Driven Digital Innovation Management

At KIBAG Bauleistungen, innovative ideas are digitally transferred from the construction site to the head office – photos, videos, voice and text notes can be recorded directly on the smartphone or tablet. Behind the modern innovation management in the construction industry is a cloud solution based on Office 365 and AgilePoint. 1stQuad supported the construction company from the proof of concept to the start of productive operation.

KIBAG Dienstleistungen AG

KIBAG is a leading Swiss company in the building materials and construction sector and employs around 1800 people, mainly in the three business units Building Materials, Construction Services and Environment, and Waste Management.


Construction sites of KIBAG Bauleistungen can be found in large numbers throughout Switzerland. The company specializes in traffic route construction, civil engineering and deconstruction, hydraulic engineering, and special civil engineering. Construction activities and site inspections often give birth to innovative ideas that were previously recorded on paper and sent to headquarters for further development.

KIBAG wanted to transform this classic workflow into a digitalized innovation process and already had very clear ideas about how innovation management in the construction industry should be carried out in the future. The construction company called in 1stQuad for the IT implementation, initially in the form of a proof of concept.

In close, iterative cooperation with the business managers at KIBAG, the already largely defined process was reengineered in certain points and mapped in the IT in the form of two components: Via a portal created in Office 365, KIBAG can maintain the process and provide dynamic content.

The actual workflow relies on AgilePoint: ideas are captured with a form that is automatically guided through the individual process steps. The involved parties are notified by e-mail and the collected information is finally stored in the portal.

Form processes created with AgilePoint are inherently mobile. KIBAG employees can enter ideas directly on the construction site using their smartphones and tablets, thereby making use of the native capabilities of the devices: Photos and voice notes allow for more direct and convenient communication than pure text input.

Since Office 365 and AgilePoint is a pure cloud solution, integration into KIBAG’s IT was possible without much effort. The proof of concept convinced KIBAG. The new innovation process is now being used productively.

The cooperation with 1stQuad was profitable in every respect. The team was motivated, competent, always available and open for our concerns. Due to their constant endeavour to implement our ideas in the best possible way in the process, the final solution corresponded exactly to our needs.

Daniel Bänziger, Process Analyst

KIBAG Dienstleistungen AG

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