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Zurich Airport: Take-off for cloud collaboration with Office 365

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Zurich Airport is considered the best airport outside Asia (Handelszeitung Airport Rating 2019). Travelers particularly appreciate the modern, functional design, impeccable cleanliness, and efficient processes. The 1,700 employees of Flughafen Zürich AG also focus on efficient processes, and since November 2019 they have had a new digital collaboration platform at their disposal.

Based on Office 365 and the Framework Wizdom, employees can create new project or workgroup rooms in a matter of minutes and invite internal colleagues and external partners to join them in no time at all. This works not only from the internal desktop: Workspaces can also be created and people invited from on the road and from a smartphone or tablet. The platform is an important step towards simplifying digital collaboration in the company.

Simply collaborate

With the change from classic File Share to Office 365 respectively SharePoint Online, especially the collaboration on Office documents becomes much easier. Documents are automatically versioned and saved, can be edited together and changes are immediately visible. Thanks to intelligently pre-structured workspaces, contributors quickly find their way around new projects and can focus on content rather than structure.

Partner melden sich mit Partners log in with their own account

With just a few clicks, external partners can be invited by e-mail. This has the advantage that partners who already have their own Office 365 account can use it to log in directly and need neither a new account nor a new password. In most cases, single sign-on means that no log-in data need to be entered at all. It couldn’t be simpler!

Automatically created team rooms

While cross-team cooperation takes place in projects and working groups, team-internal documents and information are stored in organizational unit containers. Since these containers are predefined by the organizational structure, they are also generated centrally and automatically from the currently valid hierarchy in SAP and restructured if necessary.

Simple – but also secure

With this project, Flughafen Zürich AG has taken the step into the Microsoft Cloud. Accordingly, the issue of security was also thoroughly examined. Thanks to the versatile security mechanisms of Azure and Office 365, the numerous internal guidelines could be fulfilled. In particular, it was ensured that any access outside the company is secured via multi-factor authentication.

1stQuad – Your competent partner for cloud collaboration with Office 365

Are you currently working on the question of how to get ahead with cloud collaboration? Then you should definitely talk to us. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our solutions with Office 365 and the Framework Wizdom or our holistic, modular Intranet & Collaboration offer.


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