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Digital construction dossier & BIM 360: Digitalised plans for all stakeholders

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Document management for planning changes is a challenge that affects the entire construction industry. But how do we coordinate and share the updated planning documents with the trades and other stakeholders? This article shows how the Digital Construction Dossier and BIM 360 for Microsoft teams master the challenge.

Example Digital Construction Dossier and BIM 360

Let us work out the topic using a fictitious example: The company “Better-Construction” is part of the consortium “1stQuad Tower Bern”. This is a large-scale project that is consistently implemented using the BIM methodology. As an IT-affine construction company, Better-Construction uses the Digital Construction Dossier of 1stQuad and provides IT services for the other members of the consortium. Architects, civil engineers, building services planners, and other participants develop their models in Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD. Better-Construction provides its cloud platform Autodesk BIM 360 for the central storage of the models.

Thanks to the Digital Construction Dossier, Better-Construction can give all parties involved access to the digital construction files for the 1stQuad Tower Bern with just a few clicks, which will then serve as a central communication platform and document storage. With the mobile app, those involved can also access all project-relevant information at any time.

Planning stage

Civil engineers, architects, and other parties involved regularly exchange information. With the Digital Construction File, they can exchange context-related chat messages, hold meetings, and provide plans to participants who do not have 3D software. For example, detailed, navigable 3D models can be made available to building owners quickly, easily, and at no additional cost.

Execution stage

Both the building services planners and the civil engineer had to adapt their 3D models due to a planning error that was only noticed during execution. Now it is important to inform all those involved as quickly as possible about the changes and to distribute the updated planning documents to the trades.

The site management is automatically informed about the publication of a new model version and can distribute the plans interactively to the employees working on-site, e.g. foremen.

The employees working on site are notified via push message on their mobile device and can access the plans directly.

With the Digital Construction File, Better-Construction ensures that all parties involved, regardless of the end device, have access to all information on the construction project and that the most up-to-date planning documents are always used. Outdated plans and the resulting additional costs are thus a thing of the past.

Details of the BIM 360 for Microsoft Teams solution

Autodesk BIM 360 models are integrated with proven components such as the AutoDesk Forge API and the 1stQuad Integration Hub. With “BIM360 for Microsoft Teams” the plans and 3D models are made available in Microsoft Teams.

Users who publish or use plans in Microsoft Teams do not require BIM 360 licenses.

1stQuad – Your competent partner for cloud collaboration with Office 365

Has our innovative solution aroused your interest? Then you should definitely talk to us. You are welcome to contact us to learn more about the Digital Construction File and the solution “BIM 360 for Microsoft Teams” or our holistic, modular Intranet & Collaboration offer.


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