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AgilePoint is the key to your company’s digital success

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

AgilePoint NX is a software platform that enables business agility. It enables business unit developers and professional developers to perform process and application development with AgilePoint’s visual “drag-and-drop” configuration. More than 1000 customers worldwide, including Fortune 100 companies, rely on hundreds of thousands of digital processes in their businesses every day – thanks to AgilePoint!

What is AgilePoint NX?

AgilePoint NX makes it easy to develop applications quickly and cost-effectively. The platform provides a simple way for business unit developers to create the next generation of applications without having to learn complex programming languages or spend hours coding. AgilePoint NX ensures that organizations remain competitive by enabling them to implement new digital solutions in days instead of months.

Available in on-prem or cloud versions with the same feature set, AgilePoint enables rapid deployment across all business departments – from marketing teams looking to improve customer service via chatbots, to HR departments looking to streamline onboarding processes, to finance managers looking to create more accurate forecasts using demand management tools, and more. – while ensuring security through the access control model.

  • AgilePoint is the leading provider that combines low-code/no-code technology with enterprise process automation. AgilePoint offers a unique, multi-tiered architecture that enables easy customization by end users and allows automation at scale.

  • With AgilePoint, enterprises can reduce time-to-market and lower costs by reducing human error. AgilePoint allows organizations to increase agility through simple automation and consolidation of processes.

  • The ability for processes to be controlled on the fly and migrated to new versions allows for rapid adaptation to unforeseen circumstances. This is an important feature of process management for companies that want to remain competitive today.

You may not know it, but AgilePoint NX is the key to your company’s digital success. It’s built with agility in mind – enabling you and your team to create applications that support a smooth growth strategy. Imagine how powerful this low-code system can be as an integral part of an organization’s overall business process!

Why is AgilePoint both low-code and no-code? How does it work?

AgilePoint’s no-code layer enables business developers to quickly and easily create process and business applications without code through drag-and-drop and visual configuration. This is possible with the 700+ drag-and-drop activities, 65 eForm controls, 15 dynamic automation patterns, and 70 system integration connectors available in this product.

The AgilePoint low-code layer allows professional developers to extend the library of no-code features and maintain complete control over solutions.

What types of applications can you create with AgilePoint?

AgilePoint NX provides support for multiple application types: business applications, agility functions, HR processes and applications, marketing applications, onboarding functions, and custom entitlement processes.

  • Departmental and collaborative workflows

  • Enterprise, mission-critical and end-to-end BPM automation applications

  • Hybrid digital process automation with RPA integration to e.g. UI-Path or Automation Anywhere

  • Forms-based, cross-channel, digital application experiences without workflow

  • Business applications can run on mobile devices, tablets or on the computer – whichever is best for the target audience

Why is AgilePoint the key to your company’s digital success?

Most companies struggle to keep up with the pace of change. They aren’t able to deploy software fast enough, or they don’t have the flexibility to respond quickly in today’s business climate.

With AgilePoint NX, you can automate processes and run them from start to finish, whether your organization uses an agile methodology or not. This means that no matter what type of environment you’re working in – traditional waterfall, Scrum, etc. – you can get more done faster than ever before.

AgilePoint enables teams and line-of-business developers to build applications without writing code. It does so using visual tools that reduce the time required to train new employees, improve collaboration within your team, and manage application lifecycles throughout their lifecycle – from design to deployment in production environments. AgilePoint NX improves agility – in every way!

Don’t hesitate to contact us to try AgilePoint NX, get a no-obligation demo, or learn more about the low-code/no-code projects currently underway. If you are interested or have any questions, be sure to talk to us now.


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