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1stQuad wins BLS tender AgilePoint

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

BLS is one of the largest transport companies in Switzerland. More than 3000 employees work for BLS. In addition to operating various railway lines, BLS also maintains a 420-kilometer railway network and 119 stations and stops.

1stQuad Solutions AG has extensive expertise in the area of digital processes and integration, especially with the innovative “low-code” process digitization platform AgilePoint. As a partner, 1stQuad was already allowed to support BLS in the recording of needs and requirements, the development of customer-specific solutions as well as the introduction and support of digitalized processes. This successful cooperation shall be intensified in the next three years within the technology partnership SharePoint and AgilePoint.

“We are honored to work with BLS and to accelerate their digital transformation over the next three years,” said Daniel Pfäffli, Unit Lead Digital Processes & Integration of 1stQuad. “And we are proud to further expand our position as the leading partner of AgilePoint in Switzerland”, added Daniel Pfäffli.

AgilePoint combines an advanced, future-proof digital transformation platform with the ease of use of no-code/low-code to promote broad adoption. This combination provides the perfect balance of simplicity, scalability, and BPMS robustness in an enterprise platform as a service (PaaS). The ability to be deployed anywhere allows for sustainable digital transformation by virtually eliminating the need for maintenance and refactoring.

1stQuad is the leading partner of AgilePoint in Switzerland

1stQuad has recognized the strengths of AgilePoint a long time ago and is the leading partner of AgilePoint in Switzerland. Several customers of 1stQuad already use AgilePoint successfully. Besides BLS, 1stQuad supports another Swiss transport company, the Rhätische Bahn AG, with the process of digitalization with AgilePoint.

Are you currently dealing with the question of how to get ahead with your process digitalization? Then you should definitely talk to us now. You are also welcome to contact us to learn more about the current AgilePoint projects.


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