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Automation of Authorization Management for a Financial Institution

Our customer needs to create an authorization concept for each of its applications. This extensive document specifies who is allowed to access which data. Every year, these concepts had to be manually reviewed and updated, which consumed a significant amount of time. To streamline this process, 1stQuad developed an AgilePoint-based solution in just 15 days.

A Financial Institution

The client is a financial institution that offers financial services to individuals and businesses. The company has a network of international representatives and regional consulting offices, including locations in China, Singapore, and Brazil.

Initial Situation

Each time our customer deploys an application, an authorization concept must be created. This comprehensive document specifies who has access to sensitive data, defines their permissions, and outlines the level of detail regarding these permissions. The primary objective is to ensure that critical information remains protected from unauthorized access or theft by users of the new application.

Each of these authorization concepts require an annual review and update. To keep track of the numerous applications, the customer maintained a list in Excel. Manual checks were performed to determine if updates were necessary. When updates were deemed necessary, the responsible individuals for the respective applications received email notifications requesting revisions. This process involved a thorough examination of the extensive document, followed by necessary adjustments.


Given that our customer oversees a total of more than 600 applications, these processes proved to be exceptionally time-consuming. In pursuit of a more efficient approach, the customer sought a digital solution capable of streamlining and expediting the entire process. 


1stQuad has developed a solution that builds upon AgilePoint, which is already integrated into the customer's IT infrastructure. This solution enhances the process of concept creation and updating and includes the following use cases:

Automated monitoring of concepts. The solution conducts daily automated checks to identify concepts that are expiring or require updates. This occurs without manual intervention or reliance on Excel lists. As soon as an update is needed, the solution automatically sends notifications to the relevant personnel. This not only saves time but also ensures that no deadlines are missed.

Quick creation of new concepts. When creating a new authorization concept, an employee enters the application number. The system uses this number to automatically retrieve all relevant data needed for the specific concept. If it's an existing application, the complete concept is also pre-filled.


After entering the necessary information, the system automatically initiates the review process. The data is seamlessly integrated into the concept, eliminating the need for manual transfers. This allows the team to focus on reviewing the entered data and ensuring all required information is present. Consequently, this expedites the review process and facilitates quicker approval of the concept.

Streamlined review and updates. Rather than sifting through extensive documents, the solution provides employees with only the pertinent information that requires modification. The agile form presents questions and choices customized to the particulars of each concept. Similar to the process of creating new concepts, users now respond to clear yes-no questions and select from predefined options. This reduces the time needed for data entry and allows for quicker processing.



The development of this solution were swiftly completed within just 15 days, covering requirements analysis, implementation, rollout, and documentation.


The solution has brought about a fundamental modernization of the authorization management process. Through automated data collection, targeted questioning, and the elimination of manual steps, the concept creation process has been significantly accelerated. This has translated into reduced time requirements for employees when creating or revising concepts. Additionally, the solution enhances data security by ensuring rapid updates to authorization concepts.

Furthermore, this solution presents the advantage of having all authorization concept data readily available in a structured format. If desired, the customer can leverage this data for in-depth evaluations using AI tools.

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