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Seamless Engine Order Handling with AgilePoint Automation

The customer used to manually manage various tasks when dealing with orders or servicing engines. To enhance efficiency, 1stQuad has developed a solution that automates the order processing procedure.

An Equipment Manufacturer


The customer is a global equipment manufacturer with roots in both Germany and Switzerland. Operating across every continent, the company boasts a total of 140 subsidiaries worldwide.

Initial Situation


The company aimed to enhance the engine order processing. Before, tasks like creating engine logs and ordering certification nameplates were manually tracked using Excel and email, causing challenges in monitoring and coordination. To improve efficiency and transparency, the customer decided to develop a customer portal.


In the development of the customer portal, 1stQuad took charge of the back-end implementation while an external company managed the front-end. Leveraging AgilePoint, our solution oversees employee actions, ensuring the accurate execution of all required steps.

Initially, we organized and consolidated comprehensive engine lifecycle information, including order details, maintenance history, and service logs, into a centralized database. This structured approach not only automates order processing but also allows customers to use analytical tools like Power BI for an in-depth analysis of engine history and related activities.

Next, we established and fine-tuned automated workflows. By incorporating clear steps, approvals, and conditions into these processes, we've streamlined the entire order processing journey—from placement to delivery. Here's how it works now:

  1. A customer submits a request for engine repair.

  2. The request is logged and verified in our internal network.

  3. The system identifies the engine through its label and existing data, selecting the appropriate process.

  4. The responsible person is notified to review initial details and initiates the repair process.

  5. The process flows through each department until the order is completed, with all steps recorded in the system.




AgilePoint automation has enhanced the efficiency and reliability of the customer's entire order processing workflow. The company now has accurate insights into the status, actions, and responsible individuals for each engine order. This eliminates the need for manual tracking through emails and Excel spreadsheets, as the system takes charge of routine processes, enabling employees to focus on more critical tasks.

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