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Mobile Apps for Employees and Customers

Mobile devices are omnipresent. Companies increasingly rely on individual, native mobile apps to deliver information and services to employees, partners, and customers. Artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning, speech, and image recognition are increasingly being used. 1stQuad has developed various prototypes and supports interested customers competently in the conception and development of mobile apps.

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More and more companies want to offer their employees, partners and customers information and services through individually designed mobile apps with specific functionality for the common mobile platforms. 1stQuad deals with this topic in-depth and has developed two apps for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile for a company in the health care sector. The apps are based on the Ionic framework for the development of HTML-based cross-platform applications. In addition, they use Apache Cordova, which enables a native appearance with native functionality on the various operating systems.

One of the developed apps provides doctors with information about drugs and their side effects and interactions. The app is in the form of a chat bot, which provides information via voice search and asks questions if anything is unclear. A possible question might be “What is the available information on this diagnosis for medication for a 65-year-old female patient with severe hypertension? The app makes use of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning functionality of the Microsoft Azure platform: For the development of the chatbot 1stQuad relied on the Cognitive Services of Azure, including the Language Understanding Service (LUIS).

A second app gives visually impaired people an impression of their surroundings via image recognition. Among other things, it is used to recognize people who are in the vicinity – for example at a meeting – and is based on the community principle: people with whom the user is connected on a social media platform are recognized via their profile picture.

1stQuad was able to deliver prototypes of the desired functionality for the client in a short time and to show the possibilities and limits of the current technologies. One important finding: AI technology for chat bots, image and speech recognition is ready today. However, the application cases must be carefully selected, designed and implemented to ensure that the technology delivers the expected benefits.

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