[Vc _ row row_height_percent="0" override _ padding = "yes" h_padding="2" top_padding="3" bottom_padding="3" overlay_alpha="50" gutter_size="3" shift_y="0"] [vc _ column widthists 2/3 "] [vc _ column _ text text _ lead = "yes"] Edelweiss Air's existing crew planning tool showed performance weaknesses, was sometimes complicated to use and resulted in error-prone processes. The airline is now relying on a powerful cloud solution with an attractive interface based on state-of-the-art web technologies. 1stQuad has used the in-house architecture concept «Cloud Transformation Blueprint» as the basis for the new Crew Page. [/vc_column_text] [vc _ column _ text] The Swiss airline Edelweiss Air relies on a clever software solution for the planning of the operations of the approximately 300 pilots and 700 members of the cabin crew. The assignments are scheduled for the following month from the first day of each month and are made available to employees via intranet. In addition, the planning software manages all changes to the use of delayed flights or sick employees. In order for everything to take its correct course, a very complex set of rules must be observed. exist, for example, Binding rules on the number of flight hours allowed, the required rest period between flights, so-called off-days per time period and other deployment parameters. The planning of the regular in-flight pilot training sessions is also part of the software's functionality: A pilot checks the second pilot during an in-flight training and takes the exam. Here, too, the devil is in the detail: If the planned examiner is not available, his replacement must also be entitled to carry out the examination. In the previous version of the software solution, comments have been used for this – an error-prone process. An additional weakness was the performance: Response times of up to 30 seconds are not adequate in the hectic everyday life of an airline. 1stQuad therefore developed a powerful new solution for Edelweiss Air from the end of 2017 to autumn 2018 based on the in-house cloud transformation blueprint, with numerous detailed improvements such as a swap duty feature for entire crews. The new "Crew Page" software solution is now entirely based on Microsoft Azure. The resystems and microservices are synchronized via a service bus. The backend uses .Net Core, the web application for the front end was realized as a single page application with React. First, the new software solution for the mission planners was introduced, followed by the "Crew Page" for the employees by mid-2019. [/vc_column_text] [/vc_column] [Vc _ column column_width_percent="100" overlay_alpha="50" gutter_size="3" medium_width="0" mobile_width="0" shift_x="0" shift_y="0" sticky = "yes" widthography festylav 3 "] [vc _ column _ text]
Edelweiss Air AG Edelweiss Air is a Swiss leisure airline owned by 100% Swiss International Air Lines and is part of the Lufthansa Group. It operates flights from its base at Zurich Airport to European and intercontinental destinations. www.flyedelweiss.com [/vc_column_text] [/vc_column] [/vc_row] [vc _ row row_height_percent="0" override _ padding = "yes" h_padding="2" top_padding="4" bottom_padding="4" back _ color = "color-158708" overlay_alpha="50" gutter_size="3" desktop _ visibility = "yes" Medium _ visibility = "yes" mobile _ visibility = "yes" shift_y="0"]