With a modern web application the global corporation ABB can approach risk management more actively today than with the previous Excel solution: 1stQuad has developed an Enterprise Risk Management Tool, which with comprehensive reporting, current risk overview in the form of a heat map and an attractive user interface makes risk management from an annoying duty to a pleasant task and adapts flexibly to the complex, constantly changing organizational structures.

The ABB industrial group traditionally used Excel templates as the basis for its group-wide risk management. For the consolidation, the spreadsheets of more than 120 business units had to be merged – a complex and error-prone process. Occasionally, the templates were even modified so that a comparison with the previous year was difficult.

ABB commissioned 1stQuad to convert the previous Excel solution into a modern web application. 1stQuad’s FAST Framework, which had already proven itself in earlier projects for ABB, serves as the basis. In the course of the development of the new application, the previously rather static risk management has changed to a dynamic process with always up-to-date information. In the agile, iterative development process 1stQuad was able to impart innovative suggestions to the customer even beyond the purely technical aspects.

In the past, risk information was collected once a year – now it is updated on a quarterly basis, and the business units are supported by Subject Matter Experts, who each specialize in specific risks. The collected data can be flexibly evaluated, aggregated and compared with previous periods via comprehensive reporting. The end result of the new Enterprise Risk Management Tool is a clear risk presentation. The risks can also be viewed at any time in the form of a risk heat map.

At ABB, risk management with the web application has changed fundamentally: While evaluations used to involve a great deal of effort, important findings can now be obtained easily and quickly. The agencies involved are now more active in dealing with the risks – risk management has changed from a tedious duty to a pleasant task that quickly provides useful information.

"We were impressed how 1stQuad always brought us with questions and suggestions to rethink and improve established processes, understanding and assumptions.The regular interactive workshops in which we transformed a simple Excel-based process flow into a tailor-made and interactive risk management platform were of great benefit".

Witold Boinski, ERM Project Manager
ABB Information Systems Ltd


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