Here are the latest news from Office 365, Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive:

Group chats with up to 100 people

Date: Beginning of June until end of July 2019

Teams will soon support group chats with up to 100 users (previously 50 users).
A meeting can still have up to 250 participants and a group can have up to 5000 members.

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Share links with permissions

Date: end of May until end of June 19

Teams supports sharing links with permissions. A link can now be created for all files (e.g. Word documents) in teams that allows the following options:
– Anyone who owns the link can access it (anonymous links).
– Persons in the company can access
– Only persons who already have access can do so.
– Specific persons (indication of persons)

The settings in SharePoint and OneDrive control whether anonymous links or sharing with external persons is allowed.

If not already present, the appropriate permissions are applied directly to the file.

Our recommendation: Check whether the correct SharePoint and OneDrive settings are configured for sharing.

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