It’s been almost half a year since the AgilePoint Version 7 business process management solution was released. The first major update (SU1) has now been released. In addition to many small improvements, new features have also taken hold. As process digitization experts and AgilePoint partners, we have briefly summarized the most important renewals for you.


Form Based Applications (FBA) now also for SharePoint

Since version 7, it is possible to use an AgilePoint form outside of a process. This «Form Based Applications», or «Data Driven Apps», allow entities to be managed through an AgilePoint form without having to initiate a workflow. This functionality is now also making inroads into SharePoint on-premise and SharePoint online. It is now possible to develop a form for SharePoint lists and integrate it natively into SharePoint. The SharePoint native Forms «InfoPath» have expired. With an AgilePoint form, it is possible to create complex forms with rules, validations or connection with external systems.

More Performance for Internet Explorer

In many companies, Internet Explorer IE continues to be used as the primary browser. This is now being taken into account. He continues to be supported by AgilePoint, and has even greatly improved performance with the new SU1.


New activities for smarter workflows

AgilePoint partnered with UiPath last October to provide new activities for UiPath since this update. UiPath is an organization that specializes in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). With RPA, it is possible to simulate human interactions with a website, OS or desktop application. Manual input into a system is now a thing of the past and can be automated. With the new Activities for UiPath, such automation can now also be initiated and monitored via an AgilePoint workflow.

In addition to Azure Machine Learning, AgilePoint is now also supporting Amazon Machine Learning. These are cloud-based platforms that cover most infrastructure issues such as data pre-processing, model training and model assessment.

In addition to DocuSign, Adobe Sign is also supported. With this integration, documents within an AgilePoint workflow can now also be signed by Adobe Sign without ever having to print a document.


Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 compliant

AgilePoint Portal is now compliant Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). These standards are designed to ensure that web content becomes more accessible to people with disabilities. Accessibility includes a variety of disabilities such as visual, auditory, physical, linguistic, cognitive and neurological disabilities. The certification thus ensures that AgilePoint is accessible to people with disabilities. This can be seen, among other things, in the sleek design and catchy navigation.

Page Builder

Version 7 added the Page Builder. This allows portal pages to be designed in accordance with CI/CD specifications. In the SU1, the possibilities were further expanded. With the addition of an HTML field that supports the import of nous libraries, there are complex dashboards, process model pages or presentation pages with react, CHART.JS, vue.js etc. Nothing left in the way.


The AgilePoint V7 SU1 not only improves the system and made it more accessible, but also adds meaningful extensions. The new activities complement the more than 300 + activities with more extensive automation and smarter data analysis. The personal highlight, however, is the Form Based Applications (FBA) for SharePoint. With this feature, complex forms on SharePoint can now be mapped directly without having to leave SharePoint. If you want to read all the release notes for the AgilePoint V7 SU1, you can find it here  

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