Companies want to modernize their internal digital communication and collaboration, and provide employees with a contemporary digital work environment. More and more companies are choosing Office 365 as Technology. Sharepoint. Office 365/SharePoint is now clearly the most widely used platform for intranets in larger companies. But how to realize with Office 365/SharePoint a modern intranet or One Digital Workplace? What are the options for this, and what experiences has 1stQuad had?   What options do I have today as a company if a modern intranet/Digital Workplace with Office 365 and Office 365. SharePoint to be realized? Office 365/SharePoint includes a variety of features and tools for digital communication and collaboration. As Software as a Service, Office 365 is also constantly evolving and constantly changing. Using Office 365 as a company, it is therefore very important to keep track and to consciously decide which functions to use how-“what to use when?.” 1stQuad has extensive experience and experts to support companies in exactly these issues. When it comes specifically to the question of how best to realize an Intranet/Digital Workplace with Office 365/SharePoint – there are currently basically 3 scenarios:

Scenario A-Intranet/Digital Workplace based on SharePoint with specific proprietary developments As SharePoint is used and adapted by proprietary development.

Scenario B-Intranet/Digital Workplace based on a commercial SharePoint extension “add-on” In this scenario, SharePoint also serves as the base. In addition, however, a commercial extension, an “Intranet/Digital Workplace Product” or “Intranet/Digital Workplace Product,” will be presented. A SharePoint “add-on.”

Scenario C-Intranet/Digital Workplace based on Office 365/SharePoint “out of the box” In this scenario, Office 365/SharePoint is used as it is available “out of the box.” So only configurative adjustments are made, but no in-house developments or extensions.   In the past, many intranets were realized by companies according to Scenario A. By means in the middle of it. The specifically required functions and the desired user experience were realized. At present, however, there is a strong trend away from in-house developments towards quasi finished solutions or Products that already cover a large part of the typical Intranet/Digital Workplace requirements well. This path, i.e. scenario B, is usually. Not only much more economical, but also faster and the result of high-quality than with an elaborate self-development. Scenario C, the “out of the box” use of Office 365/SharePoint is still hardly satisfactory for larger companies at the moment. Important intranet basic requirements such as

  • Personalised home
  • Target group-specific and channel-driven news publication
  • Illustration of a more complex information architecture/navigation
  • Multilingual and target-group-specific content
  • Employee directory  search or Enterprise Search
  • End-to-end social functions (comment, like, share)
  • End-to-end notifications
  • Integration of business applications
  • Company-specific Look & Feel/User Experience for any device

Missing or “Out of the box” are not possible. It is true that, for example, there are For SharePoint online, there are certainly innovations for digital communication, such as: Hub Sites or Communication Sites. With Microsoft Stream, there is now also a mature solution for managing and publishing videos. And Microsoft Teams is increasingly playing an important role in digital collaboration. However, these possibilities are currently sufficient for an intranet/Digital Workplace of a larger company. Not out yet. For this reason, the scenario B, i.e. the realization of an Intranet/Digital Workplace based on a commercial SharePoint extension “add-on,” is often recommended.

What is an “Intranet/Digital Workplace Product” or A SharePoint “add-on” exactly? Intranet/Digital Workplace fertile solutions or products are usually. “Add-ons” to SharePoint online und/or SharePoint on premises. The roots of many of these add-ons are code libraries from in-house developments of SharePoint service providers, which have optimized their code over time and productivized them for reuse. There are now around 50 such ready-to-produce products on the market. The solutions or While products differ in architecture, functionality, customization options, costs, and other aspects. All solutions or solutions Products, however, usually cover. The typical intranet basic requirements, albeit with different approaches and coverage levels.

“Wizdom” as a flexible basis for a modern intranet/Digital Workplace 1stQuad started about 2 years ago, intensively with the different intranet/Digital Workplace products respectively. SharePoint “add-ons.” Wizdom, a Danish manufacturer of the same name, was able to convince quickly and currently 1stQuad is implementing Wizdom-based Intranets/Digital Workplaces at several companies. With Wizdom, a modern Intranet/Digital Workplace can be realized and introduced for a larger company in a short period of time. The typical intranet basic requirements contained in the Wizdom feature range, as well as the customization/expansion options, offer a lot of flexibility and allow for quick, agile implementation. Wizdom is also flexible in terms of architecture, and can be online with SharePoint on premises as well as SharePoint. Office 365.     1stQuad has more than 10 years of expertise with Intranet/Digital Workplace solutions based on SharePoint, respectively. Office 365 The requirements for modern Intranets/Digital Workplace have changed a lot, as have the technical possibilities. For this reason, convincing, sustainable Intranet/Digital Workplace projects require a well-founded understanding of the requirements, the right technology decisions and a flexible and agile realization. 1stQuad has successfully implemented intranet/Digital Workplace solutions at various companies over the last 10 years. Are you currently looking at how to modernize your Intranet/Digital Workplace with Office 365/SharePoint for your business? Then it is important that you talk to us now. You are also welcome to contact us to find out more about the current Wizdom projects. [/vc_column_text] [/vc_column] [/vc_row]