First reviled, then revered: Since the silver success of the Swiss national ice hockey team at the last World Championships, national coach Patrick Fischer has gained massively at points in public perception. I, too, was initially one of the sceptics. Then I got to know Patrick Fischer personally and thought about what his success is. It’s certainly not a mere coincidence – and any leader can cut himself off a slice of Patrick Fischer’s leadership principles. 1. You need a vision, you have to communicate it clearly and run through to the end The legend goes by the legend, according to legend Patrick Fischer already said at the beginning of the millennium that he had to become national coach and take Swiss ice hockey to a new level: Win instead of always Lose. He has now realized this vision. And he was not swayed by setbacks, media, fans and sponsors. True to the motto «We are Swiss, we can» that. 2nd. You need trust If you want to lead effectively, you have to trust your team – but also experience confidence yourself. The national coach has always trusted his team strongly. And he has demanded confidence from the hockey federation for his part: Although many did not understand it at the time, his contract was extended until 2020 even before the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Trust is needed on both sides – we live that at 1stQuad as well. 3rd. It’s all about People A team is best when it’s made up of the right people. Patrick Fischer experimented for a long time until everything fit: There are Blender, there are technically outstanding but humanly unsuitable candidates, leaders and followers, positively and negatively set players. For me, this is exactly the same – or even better in IT: Every business is a personal business. Fifteen years of professional experience and a dozen certificates are of no use if the human doesn’t fit. 4th. You shall not have false pride Also a leader must be able to seek and accept help. There’s always someone better in a certain area than yourself. So, too, in the Swiss hockey nati: There were massive problems in defence. Patrick Fischer has realized that in the defense it takes someone with the appropriate Palmarès who has the necessary charisma and authority to solve the problems. He was therefore not too fine to bring in ex-NHL defenseman Tommy Albelin as an assistant coach – success shows the decision was right. 5th. You have to be able to deal with highs and lows It’s there A and end One for every leader: When things are going well, don’t get over it, stay in the lane and show modesty. It is not the leader alone, but the whole team that is responsible for the success. But if something goes wrong, stand up and take responsibility. Patrick Fischer took this with exemplary heed. When he was shot at the Nati, he has admitted his mistakes. When the team came back from the World Cup with silver, he showed himself «insanely proud of this team». Regardless, however, he also said: «After Olympia we were the Deppen, now we are the heroes. But we are neither, nor. We’re sportsmen.» The same applies to us in the 1stQuad team: The work goes on and on, regardless of whether you have won or lost. (Source Photo: CTK via Alamy Stock Photos)