1. Feel the flow
    With AgilePoint, you can massively reduce or even completely prevent media disruptions. Numerous connectors, such as  SAP, Navision, Exchange, SharePoint, SalesForce and many more. Let AgilePoint communicate with your applications and ensure that your employees receive the information they need at the right time.
  2. Post-factual? Not with AgilePoint
    No embellished numbers, no approximation values, no gut instinct just naked, unadorned KPI’s customized visualized and made available in reports. AgilePoint tells you in detail where your processes produce false or blind power. Bottleneck is uncovered in no time. You get a basis for decision-making on the basis of which you can optimize your processes.
  3. Lifecycle management on steroids
    AgilePoint is the tool of choice for mapping business-critical processes due to the stateless architecture. Stable, high-performance and absolutely reliable in dealing with faulty process instances. AgilePoint is the only one of the top 20 BPM tools that allows workflow instances to migrate to a new process version in live operation. Revision security made lightweight. Process lifecycle management is truly revolutionized with the AgilePoint toolset.
  4. The price is hot
    In terms of value for performance, AgilePoint is the undisputed No.1 in the iBPM market. Flexible licensing models complete the offer. With just a few (best high-traffic) digitized processes, you can achieve the Return On Investment (ROI) and benefit from comprehensive cost savings.
  5. AnyWhere, AnyTime, on any Device
    Not just lip service but firm mainstay of strategy at AgilePoint. Filling out forms on your phone or attaching snapshots and voice notes are just some of the features that are already available out-of-the-box. Users can view and edit available processes end-to-end on their mobile device. AnyWhere applies not only to access the system, but also to the provision of the platform. Cloud, Hybrid or OnPremises – A basis for all deployment models guarantees a «seamless» change of deployment model.

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